We’re here to help your pets, too.

Pets. Each one is unique. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, they all seem to have their own distinct personalities and health issues, like anxiety and physical discomfort. We all want our family pets to live long, healthy lives.

We’ve designed three pet formulas with the same trusted, proven ingredients we use for the human formulas. Our Holistic Canine Care line currently includes Joint Health, All Comfort, and Canine Higher Compound Plus

Joint Health:

You won’t find Glucosamine and Chondroitin in our products. There’s a lot of marketing suggesting these ingredients are great, but not a lot of science. We always go with science.

So we’re providing your pet with the building blocks of collagen, in the form of important amino acids, like L-proline and L-glycine, which gives the animal’s body what it needs to support their joints. This may translate into less discomfort and increased mobility. Vet tested.

All Comfort:

A dynamic formula containing ingredients which support a balanced histamine response to potential allergens. Current studies suggest that the health of the gut biome correlates with the allergy response in animals, so we’ve designed All Comfort to target the gut health of your pet. We’ve used Irish Moss, fish oil powder (for Omega-3) and other key ingredients to support the relief of itchy skin, upset stomach, watering eyes and other allergy responses. In an easy to use capsule, just break open and add to food. Dosage is based on animal size. Vet tested.

Canine Higher Compound Plus:

Our furry friends suffer from discomfort, they suffer anxiety, too. Why not try the most effective form of CBD, which is nano-CBD, mixed with our patented formula designed to support the receptor sites in your pets body? It’s a patented formula that not only provides the most absorbed CBD format available (oral and transdermal). it contains our proprietary blend of key ingredients that support the optimal effect of CBD in pets (humans, too for that matter). Potentially, you can give your pet less CBD and have it be more effective! That’s a great combination for sure.

Our Higher Compound Plus comes in a loose powder form for easily adjusted dosing. Pick a starting dose based on the weight of your pet, and then you may need to adjust up or down a little based on their reaction. You can always reach out to us for help and guidance. Our resident Black Labrador (Kevin’s rescue dog!), Isosceles, has been a successful user of Higher Compound Plus. Other clients report their dogs discomfort has decreased as well!

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