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Online orders are live again! Thanks All for your patience!
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The Science

 glass beakers with green plants in them

Most nutritional supplements aren’t designed to work in a complementary fashion with your existing body chemistry. The result is a very limited health benefit.  Meehan Formulations is the first supplement maker to formulate a complete, patented line of nutraceutical supplements specifically designed with molecules in the nutrients that work synergistically with the molecules already in your body. By doing so, our targeted compounds enhance your own body chemistry to achieve a new level of health and wellness not possible without these supplemental molecules. Let's use the example adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is what gives our cells energy. Our body burns fat, lactic acid, and glucose to make ATP, but stress and inadequate nutrition diminish ATP production – which is why so many of us feel tired and worn out. Meehan Formulations' ATP formula solves this problem by providing molecules that allow our bodies to burn these fuels more rapidly and convert them into ATP more efficiently. The clinically tested results?  Greater cellular energy, increased stamina, lower cholesterol levels, and gradual weight loss. Meehan Formulation supplements deliver molecules to your body that enhance natural biochemistry to help you achieve smoother skin … increase energy and stamina … control cholesterol levels … reduce weight … enhance mood … balance electrolyte levels … support healthy joints … provide natural antioxidant support … and more.

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