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Online orders are live again! Thanks All for your patience!
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Teton Valley Health Clinic

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Kevin Meehan, Lac, M.S., Dipl. of Ac. NCCAOM, NCCA treats his patients at Teton Valley Health Clinic, an integrative health clinic in downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Mr. Meehan addresses a whole range of issues ranging from acute injuries to longer term chronic imbalances and concerns.

Teton Valley Health Clinic and Meehan Formulations are dedicated to healing and educating our patients with unique, patented formulas that are trusted and clinically proven to work naturally and effectively in harmony with the bodies biochemistry.  

Functional Wellness has always been our purpose: Kevin's goal is get you better and back out there living your best life.

The whole range of Meehan Formulations products are available at our clinic as well as additional select supplements from trusted sources. Phone consultations and in-office appointments are available. Call 307-734-8044 or email us to learn more:

180 North Center Street, Unit#7 Jackson Hole, WY 83001
Monday to Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
Sunday, closed