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Kevin's patients and clients hail from all over the world. 

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November 2020
Dr. Meehan,  I wanted to thank you for your expertise and recommendation for the following supplements for combating the symptoms of the COVID virus.  My spouse (51 and Type 1 diabetic for 24 years) and I (57 with high blood pressure) have been taking the following three supplements over the last 10 days: Cell Support, Antioxidant Production, Detoxification, Cellular Strength; Thorne Arabinex, Arabinogalactans and Thorne Zinc Picolinate 30mg.
I can only speak from our personal experience but our symptoms for the first 3 days were body aches, some minor headaches, minor chills, slight fever and night sweats and general malaise.  Our symptoms were at a more moderate level as compared to some cases of the flu we’ve both experienced, but I personally feel that taking the supplements kept COVID from escalating to a more severe state.  We have felt nearly fully recovered within 8 days of manifesting the first symptoms related to the virus.   
By the time our official test came back positive, we were already seeing improvements and now that it’s day 9, we both feel about 90%-95% back to normal.  Personally I feel that the supplements helped the recovery process, and I would recommend your products for everyone who comes down with symptoms related to COVID.  It should be noted that we only took a few doses of Advil, to help combat the achiness and minor chills on 2 of the days.  
Thanks again,   
Rush Jenkins
September 2020:
A skier and cyclist's secret weapon!
ATP keeps lactic acid at bay for prolonged workout sessions as well as provides increased energy and quicker recovery times. A must have for more enjoyable activity sessions.
- Mark N.
August 2020
Not just for bodybuilders! We don't like to go a day without our ATP! And it isn't because we lift weights or work out. Rather, we work  outside in extreme conditions . John is a heavy equipment operator in South Dakota and ATP helps keep his energy up working long days in the summer heat and winter cold!
- Kim Allen
May 2020
If I may, I would like to share some health issues, regarding my wife, Adele, and myself before we began seeing Kevin Meehan in 2012, when we moved back to Wyoming.
Adele developed a chronic cough in 2002 when we lived in Colorado.  At that time, over four years, she saw twelve different medical professionals, who prescribed 19 different medications after many examinations.  None of them cured the cause...which brought us to the conclusion that all of them were just treating the symptoms - not the "CAUSE".  To make this story short, the cough lingered until Adele began seeing Kevin.

We learned in a very short period of time, that Kevin Meehan cared enough about his patients to find the source of the issues.  Not only did he curtail the annoying chronic cough, but he also, "saved my wife's life, as Adele would put it, when he cured some kidney issues. As you can tell, we believe in Kevin Meehan to diagnose and treat the sources of health problems and not just give medications to relieve symptoms. 
And, I above, mentioned "we", because I too have had some health issues, which he treated and recommended particular formulations to eliminate the source. With all of this in mind, we have found, since September of 2012, that Kevin Meehan truly understands how the body functions and how to treat the sources of health issues and supplement the body's nutrients with the best quality compositions to assist our changing bodies as we age. In conclusion, for almost a decade, Kevin Meehan has listened to us, as patients, and has adjusted the specific formulations, for each of us, in order to live a more healthy life.

Thank you,

Stan Dodds  
More Testimonials
Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with both Celiac disease and Ulcerative Colitis. I cured the colitis through diet and other means, but the celiac remains to this day. During the course of treating both of these diseases, I developed a systemic fungal infection thoughout my body. This infection has affected my energy levels, mental alertness, digestive function, skin health (rashes), as well as other negative side effects. Many traditional and alternative doctors had not been able to help me. A friend turned me on to Kevin. I live in St. Charles, Missouri and, as such, Kevin treated me over the phone.
On the first call, based on my description of the symptoms, Kevin diagnosed me with hypochlorhydria (low or no acid production in the stomach). Kevin prescribed Betain (hydrochloric acid) and that has made a huge difference in my return to health. Sight unseen Kevin made a diagnosis that many doctors missed. Through his consultations, Kevin went the extra mile to help me with a very difficult condition. I am grateful for that and I highly recommend his services.
Rick Kreutzman - MO

I can never even attempt to come up with adequate words for Kevin Meehan. He is the best of both worlds: knowledgeable beyond belief and also very compassionate and caring.

I first heard about him 1 ½ years ago. My daughter was having a very toxic reaction to a prescription medication. Within a month she incurred tens of thousands of dollars seeing specialists in many fields. Their only answer was to order more tests and prescribe more drugs. We honestly thought she could die. Then we met Kevin. Within 2 weeks of starting a protocol with Kevin she was showing improvement and by three months she was able to resume normal activities! I then began seeing him for my MS. I have seen slow and steady improvement!

The recurring theme to his treatment and the phrase I continually hear is, “We want you to get better.” And he does!

Karen Keith - CO

I have been using this product for several years and have always liked it. I live in the deep South, and the weather is usually moist. Recently, I took a trip to Nevada, a totally opposite environment for me, and I forgot my Collagen Factor. Immediately my skin dried out, and I got raised, crusty patches all over my face. I thought it might be a form of eczema since I'd never experienced anything like this. I ordered a new bottle and to my surprise and relief all the crusty patches disappeared in one application of the recommended 15 drops. My skin returned to its absolute normal state. This was remarkable, and that is exactly what I think of the product - remarkable.Barbara North - WY

In December of 2013, I herniated a disc in my low back. Unfortunately, this injury took over my life. The level of pain was such that I was unable to participate in my normal activities, play with my 3 young kids, or even go to work. I was essentially home-bound except for the many appointments with chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists and acupuncturists, none of which did anything to lessen my pain or heal my injury. Upon the recommendation of numerous others with back injuries and problems, I started seeing Kevin in late March. After several sessions that did not result in any significant improvement, Kevin suggested another therapy, which we did over a period of 3 days in early May. I was happily amazed to find that Kevin's treatment resulted in a very significant improvement in my pain level, over 50%. I was previously unable to be on my feet for even 15-20 minutes without experiencing so much pain I had to go lie down. Two nights after finishing Kevin's treatment I was on my feet for 2 hours, cooking dinner, playing with my kids and doing things around the house - all those mundane things that I missed so much! Friends have even noticed that I am standing taller and walking normally. I would estimate that I am about 60% better after Kevin's treatment. I still have a ways to go to reach complete healing, but I finally have hope that I will get my life back and return to doing the things I love without having to resort to back surgery. Kevin is an intelligent, kind healer who truly wants his patients to feel good and be healthy.Alicia Russo - ID