Online orders are live again! Thanks All for your patience!
Online orders are live again! Thanks All for your patience!
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Meehan Formulations offers full-service custom formulation work for product development in a wide array of health and consumable product channels. Whatever your company’s vision, our professional team will guide your vision into a strong company brand.

Kevin Meehan is recognized for his unparalleled formulations that work synergistically with the body. His experience in developing his own formulations has produced a number of patented products - each with long standing efficacy. And, with Kevin’s commitment to safety by NEVER overriding the body’s systems, his formulations are safe and effective, all following GMP standards. Our manufacturing partners are USA-based who source ingredients that match Kevin’s holistic methodologies.

Our professional team works your company through every step: from conception to development, trials, manufacturing, marketing support and final production to insure your product vision is realized. Your success is our success.

Each client’s relationship and custom work is unique and completely private. Do you have a health product concept you’d like to bring to market? Let Meehan Formulations work with you and your company to bring your new product development to life.

Custom Formulations

Custom/Formulation Development

  • Supplement, topical or consumable protocols
  • Concept, development, trials, marketing support, manufacturing consultation
  • Human, Equine, Canine and Feline sectors

Existing Formula Redevelopment

  • Product improvement / formulation redesign
  • Spin-off products & line extensions

PATENT Science Arguments / Research

  • Create and define the science argument for legal patent review, application & award
  • Client owns the final patent award (Client-owned IP)

Private Label / Licensing

Meehan Formulations has a number of formulations (new and unreleased) available for private label or licensing opportunities. Contact us if you believe you’ve got a market and product that is underserved. We most likely have a safe and effective formula that will serve your pupose!