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Kevin Meehan has developed distinctive supplements to support CBD efficacy, energy, joints, blood sugar balance, pain symptom management and more. Effective products to support skin appearance and a new line of canine supplements

Collagen Factor

Skin care is an important daily ritual. Eating healthy, remaining active everyday and understanding how your body responds to the environment will help you achieve the glowing skin you desire. Collagen Factor is Kevin Meehan’s signature skin line containing his patented (US #7,700,083 B2) collagen rebuilding formula. It is a powerful component of your daily regimen!


Natural supplements to support your healthy daily regimen! Kevin Meehan’s supplements each have specific directives to support the body in its biochemical operations. Kevin’s formulation methods insure the formulas ingredients and the body work in harmony and do NOT override the body’s systems.

Collagen Factor


Holistic Canine Supplements are Meehan Formulation’s revolutionary canine supplement line. Our natural ingredients work WITH the canine’s body to promote repair and a return to natural functionality. Unique and effective formulations with powerful efficacy!