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Kevin has developed and been awarded the following patents:

Designed and allowed the patent for generating new collagen containing proteins (topical application - Patent # US 7,700,083 B2) & (intra-muscular / intra-articular administration Patent # US 7,981,406 B2). Canadian allowance #2,631,543.
Designed and allowed the patent for the composition of enhancing athletic performance via generating ATP molecules. Patent # US 8,344,032 B2. Canadian Allowance #2,831,265.
Designed and allowed the patent for animal feed composition for increased bioactivity and production of glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase. (Mulligan Stew’s formula). Patent US#9095164

Meehan Formulations Clinical Studies:

Collagen Factor Serum Clinical Study
In 2008, a Leading International Skin Care Company tested Collagen Factor’s Serum. Below are the test parameters & results.

Objective & Panel

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of Collage Factor Serum on biological skin parameters
  • 19 adult women took part in the study from the New York City metropolitan area

Participation Criteria

  • Possessed lines & wrinkles
  • Expressed willingness to comply with the study regimen
  • Demonstrated the ability to understand the purpose of the study & what was required to bring to a meaningful conclusion
  • Demonstrated the ability to understand potential risks associated with participation

Method of Application

  • The women were instructed to apply the product to the face two times daily
  • The panelists were to wash face, leave wet, and apply
  • On the day of testing, the women did not apply the product for at least 12 hours before measurements were taken
  • Product use was monitored by a daily diary as well as assessment of remaining package content at the end of the study

Final Clinical Test Results

Claim Results in
4 Weeks
Results in
8 Weeks
Firmness 23% 26%
Lifting 20% 25%
Reduced Lines & Wrinkles 32% 38%

2012 Phase 1 Clinical ATP Study showing the effects:

  • energy levels
  • weight loss

2014 Phase 2 Clinical ATP Study with directives of:

  • lowering blood pressure
  • lowering triglycerides (blood lipids)
  • improved energy & athletic recovery
  • weight loss