Collagen Factor

Collagen Factor

Skin care is an important daily ritual. Eating healthy, remaining active everyday and understanding how your body responds to the environment will help you achieve the glowing skin you desire.

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Collagen Factor is Kevin Meehan’s signature skin line containing his patented (US #7,700,083 B2, Canadian allowance #2,631,543) collagen support formula. It is a powerful component of your daily regimen! Please read our white sheet about how this revolutionary formula works to support your skin’s own collagen.

Collagen Factor
Collagen Support Serum

Collagen Factor Serum
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A lightweight serum formulated to support collagen health and reduce the signs of aging that occurs from diminished elasticity. The tinted version contains pine bark and vitamin C which add a little sun kissed glow to your skin! (You may find the pine bark extract in the tinted version to rub off color - similar to makeup. Please feel free to use the non-tint version to correct this effect.)

Amber glass bottle, 1 oz

Note: Less is more! If you find the serum has a tacky feeling on your skin after about 3 minutes, please use less serum. A little goes a long way…



Collagen Factor
Collagen Support Finishing Moisturizer

Collagen Building Finishing Moisturizer
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A light moisturizer, inclusive of the serum, designed to support the health of collagen and improve the appearance of the skin.* Moisturizer base is a non allergenic foundation moisturizer that supports all skin types, including sensitive skin.

1 oz airless pump bottle


Collagen Factor
Collagen Building Lip Balm

Collage Building Lip Balm
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A lightweight lip balm, inclusive of the serum, designed to support the health of the collagen and improve the appearance of the lips.

Moisturize your lips with Collagen Building Lip Balm as often as needed throughout the day. We promise you will find it to be the BEST LIP BALM you will ever use!



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