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Feel lively again by supporting your body’s natural processes


Patented formula to regear your energy production factories

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Recover from workouts & de-stress with balanced electrolytes

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Your Body Knows Best

Our clinically proven formulas nurture and support your natural biochemical processes.

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Abundant Life

From joint health and cardiovascular health to emotional wellbeing, our supplements naturally help you live more abundantly.

Patented Natural Supplements designed with biochemistry in mind

Serious Biochemistry

Thirteen patents make our supplements more effective with smart biochemical solutions you can’t find anywhere else.

Get More Energy from Natural Supplements

Natural Energy

Others try to fit AAA batteries in a D-sized hole. We help your body optimize its own power plants so you’re not reliant on batteries.

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Clinically Proven

Designed by a working practitioner hearing firsthand about patient needs, many of our supplements have also been clinically proven.


Weight Control

Though it’s rarely the primary aim, many of our supplements have the added benefit of helping burn fat or lose weight by optimizing your body’s systems.

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Designed For Your Body

Other supplements try to brute force your health. Ours make sure your body knows how to react and integrate.

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Clinically proven health outcomes



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What Meehan Formulations Clients Have To Say

When you order, you join a club of people who feel a difference in their lives. That’s why 87 percent of buyers buy again and again.

“A skier and cyclist’s secret weapon! ATP keeps lactic acid at bay for prolonged workout sessions as well as provides increased energy and quicker recovery times. A must have for more enjoyable activity sessions.”

Mark N.

“Not just for bodybuilders! We don’t like to go a day without our ATP! And it isn’t because we lift weights or work out. Rather we work outside in extreme conditions. John is a heavy equipment operator in South Dakota and ATP helps keep his energy up working long days in the summer heat and winter cold.”

Kim Allen

“…For almost a decade, Kevin Meehan has listened to us as patients, and has adjusted the specific formulations, for each of us, in order to live a more healthy life.”

Stan Dodds

I want to thank you for your expertise and recommendation for supplements for combating the symptoms of the COVID virus. My spouse (51 and type 1 diabetic for 24 years) and I (57 with high blood pressure) have been taking three products over the last 10 days : Cell Support, Arabinex (Thorne), and Zinc (Thorne).

Rush Jenkins

Meehan Formulations Powers Better Lives

Your body “forgets” key jobs over time, deteriorating your quality of life. Let Meehan Formulations give you the tools you need so you can live your best life now!

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