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Coronavirus Covid-19: What's Going On?

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The "new" coronavirus falls into the RNA virus category. Notable other RNA viruses include influenza, common cold, and measles. This is not a viral morphology like the cytopathic or retrovirus types.
The recovery rate of healthy individuals thus far effected with the coronavirus has paralleled those infected with the common cold or influenza. In other words, the recovery when infected by the coronavirus is extremely high.
This viral outbreak has suggested an emphasis more about the current unhealthy status of humans rather than the viral potential itself as mortality has affected those with an immune-compromised system, a malnourished state (poor eating habits or inadequate food intake) or inappropriate health protocols. This could be interpreted as a reflection on how poor the world's health status has become due largely in part by bad eating habits and nutrition. Of interest is that the media has primarily focused on a few points; the RNA virus itself without properly educating the public on what an RNA virus is; has not emphasized the role of the recipients health status which demonstrates a possible unfavorable outcome once infected or has not demonstrated the extremely high survivability rate of those in good health thus far infected.
Humans tend to be drawn to fear and the more the media liberates this through dialogue, the more people fall into this "feeding frenzy." The famous quote from President Roosevelt says it best "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."         
Please observe the current state of affairs which surrounds us to demonstrate fear in action and how this is damaging many lives. 
It is important to be aware and take appropriate measures with any pathogen, including the coronavirus. Good nutrition, appropriate health measures such as hygiene and specific cofactors all play a role in the prevention of this and other pathogens.
Kevin J Meehan, Founder, Meehan Formulations

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