• Effortless!

    Kevin's innovative methods have a whole new way of making a person look their best... without making them look like they've done anything.  They just look naturally beautiful!

    A Very Happy Client - CA

  • Bio Factor ATP - GREAT Product!

    I have been taking BioFactor ATP for 2 years now and the results have been fantastic. I have lost weight by not having, wanting or even feeling the need to eat as much.  Many times I have had only a banana in the morning, skipped lunch and well into the afternoon I have had no hunger pangs or the need to take that mid-afternoon nap that was previously almost always a daily battle.  My energy levels are rarely depleted and at night I even sleep better.  I am a Golf Professional who at the age of 55 I am playing the best golf of my life and more often than not, playing my best at the end of the round whereas before in my forties, many times I would tire and falter.  

    A few years ago before supplementing with BioFactor's ATP, my blood pressure was becoming a problem, now it is back to normal, healthy levels and my yearly blood work tests are the best they have been since I was 30.  Give this product a shot! 

    Fred Luthy - ID

  • Celiac Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with both Celiac disease and Ulcerative Colitis. I cured the colitis through diet and other means, but the Celiac remains to this day.  During the course of treating both of these diseases, I developed a systemic fungal infection throughout my body. This infection has affected my energy levels, mental alertness, digestive function, skin health (rashes), as well as other negative side effects.  Many traditional and alternative doctors had not been able to help me.  A friend turned me on to Kevin. I live in St. Charles, Missouri and, as such, Kevin treated me over the phone. On the first call, based on my description of the symptoms, Kevin diagnosed me with hypochlorhydria (low or no acid production in the stomach).  Kevin prescribed Betain (hydrochloric acid) and that has made a huge difference in my return to health.  Sight unseen Kevin made a diagnosis that many doctors missed.  Through his consultations, Kevin went the extra mile to help me with  a very difficult condition.

    I am grateful for that and I highly recommend his services.


    -Rick Kreutzman, MO 

  • Herniated Disc Treatment

    In December of 2013, I herniated a disc in my low back. Unfortunately, this injury took over my life. The level of pain was such that I was unable to participate in my normal activities, play with my 3 young kids, or even go to work. I was essentially home-bound except for the many appointments with chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists and acupuncturists, none of which did anything to lessen my pain or heal my injury.

    Upon the recommendation of numerous others with back injuries and problems, I started seeing Kevin in late March. After several sessions that did not result in any significant improvement, Kevin suggested another therapy, which we did over a period of 3 days in early May. I was happily amazed to find that Kevin's treatment resulted in a very significant improvement in my pain level, over 50%. I was previously unable to be on my feet for even 15-20 minutes without experiencing so much pain I had to go lie down. Two nights after finishing Kevin's treatment I was on my feet for 2 hours, cooking dinner, playing with my kids and doing things around the house - all those mundane things that I missed so much! Friends have even noticed that I am standing taller and walking normally. I would estimate that I am about 60% better after Kevin's treatment. I still have a ways to go to reach complete healing, but I finally have hope that I will get my life back and return to doing the things I love without having to resort to back surgery.

    Kevin is an intelligent, kind healer who truly wants his patients to feel good and be healthy.

    Alicia Russo - ID

  • Collagen Factor: Remarkable

    I have been using this product for several years and have always liked it. I live in the deep South, and the weather is usually moist. Recently, I took a trip to Nevada, a totally opposite environment for me, and I forgot my Collagen Factor. Immediately my skin dried out, and I got raised, crusty patches all over my face. I thought it might be a form of eczema since I'd never experienced anything like this. I ordered a new bottle and to my surprise and relief all the crusty patches disappeared in one application of the recommended 15 drops. My skin returned to its absolute normal state. This was remarkable, and that is exactly what I think of the product - remarkable.

    Barbara North - WY