• BioFactor's Joint health Formula!

    Please note that  I started taking the Joint Health Formula after learning from
    Robert Silverman that it had been developed and could possibly help me with joint
    pain and swelling from arthritis.  Previous to taking it, my rings were difficult to get on/off and within 3 months I noticed that they actually slip off readily.   Also I no longer feel
    the stiffness that was there before!  
    The fact that the formula has natural and homeopathic contents is a real plus for me.   I prefer to not take prescription medication.
    Armida - CA
  • Family Health

    Kevin has been and continues to be a powerful force in our family over the past five years.  We are truly impressed with his ability to treat our ailments, as well as his amazing talent for explaining what is going in such a way that we truly understand. 

    Kevin is not about a quick fix.  He is about living healthy, being proactive and remaining positive.  His genuine care for others, and healing nature is exactly what our family needed and continues to need. 

    Tina Searle - WY

  • Sciatic Nerve Pain

    My name is Paul Rivers and I have had a 40+ year career in the building trades in NW Wyoming. This is not an easy climate. About 2 years ago, I started having devastating continuous sciatic pain down my left side. I saw about 7 doctors, from orthopedic surgeons to nerve specialists. They determined the pain was the result of a lower back injury I received at work a year earlier. Surgery was the only solution, fusing and having rods to bring me back to a (hopefully) somewhat pain free life. Then a nurse I know suggested I see Kevin Meehan and try his acupuncture/ ultrasound/ heat treatment to re-hydrate my discs.  It has worked!  I am mostly pain free and can work again.  

    Kevin is a true healer.  Kevin cares and he is one of Jackson Hole's greatest people, and we have no shortage of great citizens.


    Paul Winters - WY

  • ATP - My must-have daily supplement!

    I am very health conscious and always looking for the right balance for optimum health.  I am so grateful I met Kevin Meehan because he is a genius when it comes to anti-aging and optimum performance solutions. I am a big advocate for Bio Factor ATP.  It gives me the energy to maintain an extremely fast paced career as an executive producer in Hollywood, and allows me to flush out toxins that inevitably find their way into my system through pollution, chemicals in my environment, or the occasional martini i enjoy after a hard days work.  I have also lost those last 5 pounds that I've been trying to lose for 10 years. And - it was easy!  Thank you, Kevin!

    Kelly Noonan - CA

  • Returning to Optimal Health

    Kevin Meehan has been extremely effective with my numerous health situations, from re-aligning joints, to skin care, to curing a common cold, over the past five years.  Mr. Meehan’s care, talent, skills and knowledge converge in his uncanny ability to pinpoint the specifics of a situation and return his clients to optimal health as quickly as possible.  We are fortunate to have him and his great staff in this community.  I highly recommend Teton valley health clinic for your health care needs.  

    September Vhay - WY