Sciatic Nerve Pain

My name is Paul Rivers and I have had a 40+ year career in the building trades in NW Wyoming. This is not an easy climate. About 2 years ago, I started having devastating continuous sciatic pain down my left side. I saw about 7 doctors, from orthopedic surgeons to nerve specialists. They determined the pain was the result of a lower back injury I received at work a year earlier. Surgery was the only solution, fusing and having rods to bring me back to a (hopefully) somewhat pain free life. Then a nurse I know suggested I see Kevin Meehan and try his acupuncture/ ultrasound/ heat treatment to re-hydrate my discs.  It has worked!  I am mostly pain free and can work again.  

Kevin is a true healer.  Kevin cares and he is one of Jackson Hole's greatest people, and we have no shortage of great citizens.


Paul Winters - WY

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