Bio Factor ATP - GREAT Product!

I have been taking BioFactor ATP for 2 years now and the results have been fantastic. I have lost weight by not having, wanting or even feeling the need to eat as much.  Many times I have had only a banana in the morning, skipped lunch and well into the afternoon I have had no hunger pangs or the need to take that mid-afternoon nap that was previously almost always a daily battle.  My energy levels are rarely depleted and at night I even sleep better.  I am a Golf Professional who at the age of 55 I am playing the best golf of my life and more often than not, playing my best at the end of the round whereas before in my forties, many times I would tire and falter.  

A few years ago before supplementing with BioFactor's ATP, my blood pressure was becoming a problem, now it is back to normal, healthy levels and my yearly blood work tests are the best they have been since I was 30.  Give this product a shot! 

Fred Luthy - ID

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