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Online orders are live again! Thanks All for your patience!
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Celiac Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with both Celiac disease and Ulcerative Colitis. I cured the colitis through diet and other means, but the Celiac remains to this day.  During the course of treating both of these diseases, I developed a systemic fungal infection throughout my body. This infection has affected my energy levels, mental alertness, digestive function, skin health (rashes), as well as other negative side effects.  Many traditional and alternative doctors had not been able to help me.  A friend turned me on to Kevin. I live in St. Charles, Missouri and, as such, Kevin treated me over the phone. On the first call, based on my description of the symptoms, Kevin diagnosed me with hypochlorhydria (low or no acid production in the stomach).  Kevin prescribed Betain (hydrochloric acid) and that has made a huge difference in my return to health.  Sight unseen Kevin made a diagnosis that many doctors missed.  Through his consultations, Kevin went the extra mile to help me with  a very difficult condition.

I am grateful for that and I highly recommend his services.


-Rick Kreutzman, MO 

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