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Online orders are live again! Thanks All for your patience!
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Herniated Disc Treatment

In December of 2013, I herniated a disc in my low back. Unfortunately, this injury took over my life. The level of pain was such that I was unable to participate in my normal activities, play with my 3 young kids, or even go to work. I was essentially home-bound except for the many appointments with chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists and acupuncturists, none of which did anything to lessen my pain or heal my injury.

Upon the recommendation of numerous others with back injuries and problems, I started seeing Kevin in late March. After several sessions that did not result in any significant improvement, Kevin suggested another therapy, which we did over a period of 3 days in early May. I was happily amazed to find that Kevin's treatment resulted in a very significant improvement in my pain level, over 50%. I was previously unable to be on my feet for even 15-20 minutes without experiencing so much pain I had to go lie down. Two nights after finishing Kevin's treatment I was on my feet for 2 hours, cooking dinner, playing with my kids and doing things around the house - all those mundane things that I missed so much! Friends have even noticed that I am standing taller and walking normally. I would estimate that I am about 60% better after Kevin's treatment. I still have a ways to go to reach complete healing, but I finally have hope that I will get my life back and return to doing the things I love without having to resort to back surgery.

Kevin is an intelligent, kind healer who truly wants his patients to feel good and be healthy.

Alicia Russo - ID

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