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The Science Behind Mulligan Stew Pet Food - Telomeres

There is a genetic clock ticking away within all of our cells that dictates aging.  The most credible theory to date is based on the Telomere Shortening Response Theory, which presumes that as cells replicate, the segments of DNA known as telomeres shorten.  Now, there is evidence to support the concept that these end cap segments are indeed the “clocks of aging.”  Telomeres also play a role in protecting chromosomes from damage as well as maintaining their complete replications.  The answer to extending life in mammals will ultimately involve the preservation of telomere integrity and length to the DNA. 

It has been noted that an animal’s life expectancy is far shorter than our own and this difference in life space is due to the animal’s ability to repair damaged DNA at a far less effective rate.  In other words, our beloved pets have less capability of protecting their own telomere structure which in turn damages their DNA. 

Most molecules that damage the cells are oxygen in a toxic form.  There are certain enzymes that prevent this damage and when kept in a stable active state, scavenge these detrimental oxygen molecules.  We observe that our household pets have far less levels of these enzymes than humans, hence their vulnerability to oxidative damage resulting in shorter, unhealthier lives.  Several studies in animals have demonstrated that by including dietary compounds which increase the levels of these enzymes correlates to a greater life expectancy and a healthier state of existence. 

Considerable evidence now demonstrates that the components in Mulligan Stew have potent effects on raising the levels of these enzymes.  It has been suggested that maintaining optimum levels of the two sulfur-containing amino acids found in Mulligan Stew may promote longevity in animals.  Experiments have shown that by supplementing the diets of mice and guinea pigs with these substances resulted in a considerable increase in their life spans.  

In short, the science behind Mulligan Stew® has been shown in clinical trials to extend the life span of mammals.  Mulligan Stew offers the best opportunity at increasing both the health and life span of your pet. 

The Mulligan Stew Pet Food formula is currently in the patented process and is protected internationally under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.  


By Kevin Meehan 



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