Posted by Diane Peterson

Press Inquiries:
Diane Peterson, COO
Meehan Formulations, LLC

May 2014


Jackson, WY:  Meehan Formulations, LLC, an alternative health company, has begun its formal introduction to the world of alternative health care products.  Founder, Kevin Meehan, is a holistic practitioner with a thriving practice in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  As the owner and practitioner of Teton Valley Health Clinic - one of Jackson Hole’s busiest alternative practices - Kevin’s aspiration is to help his patients achieve their best optimal health which is at the center of his practice. Ask anyone who has experienced Kevin’s healing prowess and they will extol their personal testimony of Kevin’s natural and effective health care approach and how it simply works. 


Kevin’s background in researched biochemistry, acupuncture healing arts and formulation therapies as alternatives to prescription drugs has positioned Kevin to be a leader in the natural health care market.  Kevin’s formulation insights afford a unique view of how biochemistry and supplements may work in symmetry to support the body’s own repair and recovery.  Many of Kevin’s formulations have been awarded US & Canadian patents however, it is the efficacy these formulas afford the body that truly positions Meehan’s formulations in the forefront of natural medicine. 


A quote from Kevin puts his philosophy into view:  Implementing a therapy should be calculated as 50% of the equation with the body fulfilling the other 50% to liberate 100% potential” 


Current products from Meehan Formulations include a collagen-building skin care line, Collagen Factor, a patented formula that helps the body produce more of its own collagen.  Products available are a collagen-building serum (tinted and non-tinted), a collagen-building moisturizer and a collagen-building lip balm.  Kevin’s supplement line, Bio Factor, include ATP, a patented formula for regeneration the body’s own stores of ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate – energy molecule).  A patented Joint Health Formula, a patent-pending Cellular Support Formula, Body Comfort, a relaxing formulation and an Alkaline formula for building up the ever important alkaline stores in the body.  More products are slated for release later this year.


ABOUT:  MEEHAN FORMULATIONS is a company devoted to developing and patenting formulations as an alternative to many prescription drugs. Our core belief: there are strong possibilities of providing beneficial responses to health problems without the negative effects often seen with prescription drugs. Meehan Formulations works to calculate the body as 50% of the formulation before a formulation is ever developed, which delivers the principles of understanding safety first.  To find out more, please visit the company’s web site: