Posted by Kevin Meehan

In the realm of health conditions, there is probably no other disease which relinquishes more fear into the conscience minds of humans than cancer. We understand it as a nonforgiving disease which is so diligently thorough that it not only robs the human physiology of its health but also extends its theft into the financial world of those who suffer from it. It also smiles its face to much of the medical establishment, as if coinciding a mutual understanding of alliance that by supporting the generalized stereotype of cancer’s power, the medical establishments will be enriched financially by its existence. 

In very basic terms, the epidemiology of cancer revolves around the acquisition of DNA damage. In most cases, damage induced to a cell is either reversed or repaired by the cell’s DNA repair system. A second type of response to DNA damage is for the cell to simply self destruct and terminates its own life. This is what is referred to as cell apoptosis. This is actually more favorable to our biological structure than to retain and propagate a damaged cell. The third response to DNA damage is a latency or non-responsive act to the damage which then allows for a permanent mutation in the daughter cells after DNA synthesis. 

Cancer is quite intriguing. In quantum physics/genetics, it is simply evolution which has not yet found an equivalent host in which to complete its full biological potential. The DNA mutation is a survival mechanism for the cell itself, adapted to gestate a new generation of cells which would incorporate a more virulent way a surviving the increasing fluctuations within the environment.  It is merely adaptation. Cancer is attempting to assist in the survivability of the mammalian race by creating a cell which can survive the environment which we create. Individuals who cure themselves of cancer have simply altered their environment where cancer cannot exist and does not require doing so. 

Currently, cancer merely wishes to commit suicide, either by eliciting a distain by health practitioners, who eradicate it with external protocols, or as it terminates its host, so to does it terminate itself. 

The current state of the mammalian’s biological homeostasis, chemistry and structure is arranged to handle an adapted preordered type of environment, one which we are losing quite quickly. We are manifesting a new type of environment and our own genetics are now trying to keep pace. In general, cancer rates are increasing, with new types marking the pages of research journals at an alarming rate. Is nature whispering an important message to us? Perhaps the ingestion of high amounts of grease has generated too much wax in human’s ears, preventing us from listening to the higher degree of order.

It is just as improbable for cancer cells to exist in an environment which is unsuited for it,  as it is for non mutagens to exist in a an altered state. Health is a self interpreted form of relative contentment. We act surprised at such events, such as cancer, which sways our reference points, rather than marvel at the dynamics which surrounds us; life itself. 

Most researchers now understand that one major contributing factor which instigates genetic mutations is a change in the body’s pH, or the acid/alkaline levels. As alkaline levels decrease and acidic levels increase, there becomes a shift in the survivability of “healthy” cells. Simplistically stated, the more acidic the system becomes, the more probable the number of distinct processes associated with DNA damage will occur. It has been proposed that cancer cannot exist in an alkaline range in the human system. In simplistic terms, when blood pH ranges drop below 7.35 (acidic for our blood), this slight shift to an acidic environment (human serum ranges average 7.4 in “healthy adults”) initiates varying negative consequences on cells. 

As an example, the RAS protein which assists in the control rate of cell growth can exhibit a specific mutation in its gene which then shifts its polypeptide sequence. Some of these shifts (mutations) occur naturally during our lifetime, but continual changes, or shifts in the signals, will cause the cell to become a cancer cell. A pH fluctuation to an acid range most likely propagates this RAS signaling behavior. 

Mutagens can cause cancer and are therefore categorized as carcinogenic, however many chemicals/substances are not mutagenic in the form which they enter the body, yet they are carcinogenic. This paradox defines carcinogens into two types.  Direct carcinogens exist in a mutagenic form when entering the body. If these are not immediately inactivated before their interaction with DNA, they become potentially carcinogenic. 

Indirect carcinogens are chemicals/substances which are not mutagenic in their free form   but are converted by metabolism into mutagens when they enter the body. Many lipophilic substances accumulate in the body’s tissues if not converted into a water soluble form. This sets up a potential indirect carcinogenic conditional environment. There are specific enzymes within the liver which serve the purpose of converting lipophilic compounds into hydrophilic ones, which then become easily excretable. 

Maintaining optimal activation of these enzymes creates an extremely high probability rate of inactivating the potential carcinogens.

Currently, allopathic procedures are presenting more effective ways of dealing with some forms of cancer, such as specific radiation therapy and advanced forms of surgical procedures. 

In most cases, prevention is by far the best way of preventing this disease and this can start by understanding the nature of how and why it begins. Respecting our body and the environment which enables it to reach its fullest health potential is important. Maintaining an alkaline system, eating foods which have ingredients that you can read and understand and recognizing potential carcinogens are all preventative ways in which to avoid this disease. Many individuals have exhibited the capability of ridding cancer from their bodies and have lived healthy and happy lives ever since, following the above protocols. It is not magic, but rather the simplistic understanding of life, and the beauty it displays.



By Kevin Meehan