Rebuild Your Powerplant

Optimize your body’s energy production naturally without trampling your body’s delicate biochemistry
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Feel Why 87% Reorder ATP

“It helps keep energy up working long days in the summer heat and winter cold.”
- Kim Allen

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Meehan Promise
We want you to be happy and feel the difference.
Get a full refund on your first ATP order including shipping and sales tax if you don’t feel a difference after your first 30 days using the supplement.

The first bottle you open will be on us. We just ask you to return any remaining unopened bottles (return shipping not included) to get a full refund.
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Command Your Energy

Play and work longer, faster, and harder with what some say feels like a fountain of youth
We’re based in Jackson Hole, where outdoor time is serious business.

For years patients told us at our clinic they wished they had the energy they had when they were younger.

We designed ATP to do just that.

Our ATP formulation isn’t a caffeine shock to your system.

It’s not delivering energy, like plugging in batteries that die.

ATP helps your body rebuild its own power plant at the cellular level.

The same power plant that has slowed over time with age, stress, poor nutrition, dehydration, and other common factors.

You still feel young mentally.

Now feel it physically again with a supplement designed to turn back the clock.
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Power Up. Feel Better. Naturally.

Get the energy you need without side effects you’d rather avoid. Optimize your body’s production of ATP with natural ingredients.*


Feel younger with cellular energy designed to keep delivering as long as you’re moving.


Designed to replenish your cellular energy production, you’ll avoid the crash-and-burn from on-demand energy products.

Weight Loss

When your body’s burning energy more efficiently, it’s going to go through more fuels (like fats.) ATP is clinically proven for weight loss.

Lower Blood Pressure

Without any other lifestyle changes, ATP has shown in our clinical studies to decrease blood pressure.

Heart Health

ATP is clinically proven to lower triglycerides. Your ticker will thank you for choosing ATP.

Faster Workout Recovery

Clinically tested, our patients tell us they don’t hurt as much or as long after workouts.

Keto Friendly

Going keto? That’s great. ATP won’t take you out of ketosis.
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Patented Science

We’ve Put Our ATP Formula Through The Paces To Help You Transform Yourself.

Cellular Energy

Our formula is patented for athletic performance via molecular generation of ATP molecules.

Efficient Burn

That means your body runs more efficiently and burns through the fuels you want it to.

Avoid The Crash

Instead of injecting crash-and-burn energy, our science gears up your body’s power plant.
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Proven Results

Two clinical studies have proven the efficacy of ATP.
Youthful energy is what you’ll feel first, but the benefits flow freely, according to our clinic patients.
Through two studies, we showed the following benefits in real people:
  • Weight Loss
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improved Energy
  • Better Athletic Recovery
  • Lower Triglycerides for a Healthy Heart
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Never Risk A Nickel On Your Health

Try ATP for 30 days to see how you feel. If you don’t love it, we’ll refund you completely — including shipping and tax.

"A skier & cyclist's secret weapon"

"Kevin truly understands how the body functions and how to supplement the body’s nutrients with the best quality compositions to assist our changing bodies as we age."

- Mark N.

"Not just for bodybuilders"

“We don’t like to go a day without our ATP! And it isn’t because we lift weights or work out. Rather we work outside in extreme conditions. ATP helps keep energy up working long days in the summer heat and winter cold.”

- Kim A.

"Pounds melted off"

"I nearly died in the mountains from a heart issue. But my blood pressure and heart health both improved after a month on ATP. Though not the benefit I wanted, I also lost a surprising amount of weight after about 2 months without changing my lifestyle."

- Mark W.
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