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Kevin Meehan, NCCAOM, LA.c, NCCA treats patients at Teton Valley Health Clinic, his integrated health clinic in downtown Jackson Hole. Mr. Meehan addresses a whole range of issues from acute injuries to chronic imbalances and concerns. The Teton Valley Health Clinic and Meehan Formulations are dedicated to healing and educating our patients with distinctive, unique, and patented formulas that are trusted and clinically proven to work naturally and effectively in harmony with the body’s systems.

Functional Wellness has always been our clinic’s purpose: Kevin’s goal is to get you better and back out there living your best life.

Meet The Meehan Formulations Team


Kevin Meehan

Kevin founded the Teton Valley Health Clinic 30 years ago after arresting his own type II diabetes naturally.
He’s spent the last 15 years formulating patented, clinically proven solutions to his active-lifestyle patients’ most common health needs.

Kevin graduated with a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine, an Oriental Medical degree and holds a diploma in acupuncture with an active license.

Danielle Hauptman

Danielle joined Meehan Formulations in 2017 and brings a background of business experience and administrative know-how to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

She focuses her time on business development, admin, and product development.
Board Member

Pete Haman

Pete has started and managed eight successful businesses over his 40 years as a businessman.

Mark Wilcox

Mark has used his personal style of storytelling marketing to help scale startups by more than $500M. As a former business journalist, he has successfully translated his storytelling skills to the digital marketing landscape.