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Our patented and natural formulations are designed to work with your body, enhancing your results.

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Hi. I'm Kevin Meehan, the practitioner and biochemist behind Meehan Formulations. Over the years in my practice, patients have come to me with health concerns from aging to workout recovery to wrinkles. I'm hard-wired to help people and have learned to apply my biochemistry background to create supplements that work with your body to achieve maximum results.

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Meehan Formulations Powers Better Lives

Your body “forgets” key jobs over time, deteriorating your quality of life. Let Meehan Formulations give you the tools you need so you can live your best life now!

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Your Body Knows Best

Our clinically proven formulas nurture and support your natural biochemical processes.

Sleep/Pain Management

From joint health and cardiovascular health to emotional wellbeing, our supplements naturally help you live more abundantly.

Practical Skincare

Thirteen patents make our supplements more effective with smart biochemical solutions you can’t find anywhere else.

Sustainable Energy

Others try to fit AAA batteries in a D-sized hole. We help your body optimize its own power plants so you're not reliant on batteries.

Clinically Proven

Designed by a working practitioner hearing firsthand about patient needs, many of our supplements have also been clinically proven.

Weight Control

Though it's rarely the primary aim, many of our supplements have the added benefit of helping burn fat or lose weight by optimizing your body's systems.

Personalized Care for your Body

Other supplements try to brute force your health. Ours make sure your body knows how to react and integrate.

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